RC Cars Bodies- Give good care to them

Body of any thing plays a vital role in making the value of that thing .It is natural that when we go to buy anything first we check the physical appearance of that thing means body. Just like cars, TV, computer, refrigerator etc. if bodies of the product we are intending to buy are not strong enough, we do not buy. Beauty of the product body is another feature we look for. Beautiful body makes a good impression on the people seeing it. So two major qualities are concerned with body; it need to be strong and beautiful but both qualities in one thing are difficult to find.

RC cars bodies are also designed on the basis of above two qualities. RC cars bodies usually consists of plastic, paints, window panes controller motors and radio transistors etc. there are many international companies which manufacture RC cars like TAMIYA , KYOSKO etc. In these companies qualified engineers are designing and making RC cars bodies which are aerodynamic for better speeds, strong for durability and beautiful for eyes.

RC cars have a plastic body which is painted by machines and for opening of the doors, windows and to perform other functions different types of motors are used. For making RC cars, companies have different section, in first section scathes of rc cars bodies are drawn on paper than after finalizing the design plastic cutting starts according to the shape of the body. In second section body is painted with different colors. There are different types of paints available in the market but companies mostly use TESTOR brand and TESTOR’s acrylic and enamel paints. Companies do not use latex because latex do not bond with plastic. There is another option which is used by different companies in that they buy already painted plastic such as LEXAN, it is poly carbonated plastic sheets. But companies mostly use acrylic paints because it makes bond with hard plastic Lexan, metal, fiberglass, and even carbon-fiber which are the different alternative options making rc cars bodies. However, several painters are still using poly carbonated plastic. Another option is spray painting on rc cars bodies and for that Polycarbonate Spray Paints or Pactra Polycarb Spray Paints are best option. Moreover, Parma FASKOLOR is the best option of air brushing the rc cars bodies.

Before start painting on cars the painters mask the portions of the car to avoid those palaces on which they do not want paint or they mask those areas if they want to paint those areas with different colors. If you are painting yourself, utilize bubbly water, a rag or paper towels to carefully clean the body where you do not want the pant to occur. If you want to give finishing touches to the painted rc cars body part, clean and wipe it completely dry with lint free cloth, not paper towels to avoid haze from messing up your paint job. You could speed the procedure along with a handheld blow dryer.

Another option is to use denatured alcohol, it dries rapidly but do use a lint free cloth, after cleaning, do not touch the areas to be painted with your hand. Start masking the body, covering the masks cautiously and keep away from the sticky side of the mask or tape as much as possible. Confirm that all air bubbles are smoothed out, work from the middle of the mask near the edges. Create a firm seal by rasping the edges of the mask with the back of your fingernail. It’s a long soft tool used for making creases, removing bubbles, and other tasks. Rub it or your fingernail along the edges with solid force.
RC cars are like a human body. Human body has brain which performs like a remote control for our body just like RC cars remote control, brain gives instruction to body to do work same as remote controls gives instructions to rc cars, human has a heart for power and RC cars has battery or engine for power. Nothing is different between the structure of human and RC cars. That is why we need to care for our rc cars bodies like the way we care for our own bodies.

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